Tamilnadu FMB Land Records 2024 (Village) MAPPING Online

Tamilnadu RSR & FMB MAP 2024 Online – (How to Get) Download, TN RSR Online. TN MAp Online, FMB MAP Online Download, TN SR Mapping Online, TN Land Record Online, Tamil Nadu Land Record Download, TN TSLR mapping, Land Record. Tamilnadu RSR & FMB MAP Online Before we move on to how to get RSR and FMB maps online, we must know what exactly they are. RSR is the abbreviation of Resurvey Settlement Register is a field survey for land records. In 1984, the Tamil Nadu Government conducted a re-survey for land. After this act, landowners got new survey numbers. Field Measure Book or FMB sketch is a compilation of data maintained by the government in volumes at the respective Tehsildar offices.

Tamilnadu FMB Land Records 2024 (Village)

The individual survey numbers are maintained at a scale of 1:1000 or 1:2000 in the FMBs. The property owner owns each subdivision. The precise dimensions of the land are denoted by FMB. To verify the land measurements and boundaries of a property, FMB sketch is used in a purchase transaction.

The FMB sketch is maintained in the Tehsildar’s office. A request must be submitted in writing to the concerned tahsildar in order to obtain an FMB sketch or to survey the property.

The FMB contains the following documents – 

  • G-Line
  • F-Line
  • Subdivision lines
  • Ladder
  • Extension lines
  • Neighboring field survey numbers

TN FMB MAP Download 2024 Online TNEB

G-Line outlines the making of the entire sketch. The actual field boundaries in the outer lines of the sketch signify the F-Lines.  A small portion of land is demarcated within a survey number in the subdivision lines. With reference to an offset distance from the G-Line, the field points are defined.

Important Links You looking Online – As mentioned above, to obtain an FMB sketch, one must visit the Tehsildar’s office and make the request. In Tamil Nadu, there is no online facility for viewing FMB. The procedure to get an RSR copy one must first visit the Tamil Nadu government website www.eservices.gov.in .

Tamilnadu Land Record Online

Now the all process will be available online to check out the Tamilnadu land Records for Rural area and Village area. You have get find the process online, How to Apply for it and How to check MAPPING (Mapping) online.

You will be required to fill in the district, taluk, and village and land survey numbers. The subdivision number will be displayed automatically. After submitting all the required details, you can obtain the patta number using the survey number.

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