The Sound Of Magic Season 2 Date 2024 (Trailer) Watch Online

The Sound Of Magic Season 2 Date (Trailer) Cast on Netflix, Watch Season 1 online all Episodes will be available on Netflix. Check Season 2 Release Date & Time. This web series rocks the OTT platform and provides another Korean storyline and work behind the off-screen. Check further details & news on whether the season 1 review & season 2 is available or not.

The Sound of Magic – Annarama Sumanara, aka The Sound of Magic, is a fantasy-music-psychological K-drama written and directed by Kim Seongyoon. Starring Ji Changwook, Choi Sungeun, and Hwang Inyeop, the show takes its title from Ha IIkwon’s webtoon. The Sound of Magic is an uplifting and hopeful drama about a girl’s quest for a stable job and love. It will warm your heart to see Yoon Ah Yi and Na Il Deung grow up through their school life, fighting for the top ranking academically, falling in love, and pursuing their dreams.

The Sound Of Magic Season 2 Date
The Sound Of Magic Season 2 Date

Lee Eul’s magic shows seem to be effective. He can take the timid Yoon Ah Yi, who walks reluctantly, and make her run midair like she was flying; he can make Na Il Deung, who breaks his promises and is often emotionally unstable, become sincerely devoted. When this happens, Lee Eul’s heart starts aching. Was he only good at making other people happy? He didn’t even know how to make himself comfortable. Lee Eul chooses to live with the children as they mature into adults, experiencing joys and sorrows together.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Date

Release Date Season 1 – Netflix broadcasts The Sound of Magic Season 1 television series, a music series created by Netflix Originals, on 2022-05-06. Lee-Eul is a series starring Ji Chang Wook, which contains six episodes.

Creators of The Sound of Magic

Ha Il-Kwon and Kim Min-Jung wrote the Sound Of Magic, directed by Kim Seong Yoon and produced by JTBC Studios.  The distributor is Netflix.

The cast of The Sound of Magic

From Lee Eul as Ji Chang Wook to Yun Ai as Choi Sung Eun, Na Il Deung as Hwang In Yeop, Lee Eul as Nam Da Reum, Ji Soo as Hong Seo Hee, Lee Eul as Nam Da Reum, Ji Soo as Hong Seo Hee.

Sound Of Magic Storyline

The story is about a girl who aspires to be happy. One day, she meets the fairy officer Lee Eul (played by Hwang In-Yeop), and they start working to grant wishes. The main character is Yoon A Yi (played by Choi Seung Eun).

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The story starts with the 12-year-old Yoon Ha-Yi (Choi Sung-Eun). She always lived alone with her younger sister and graduated from a school for orphans. Behind their house, a magician (Hwang In-Yeong) lives, and he helps them with their housework. One day, the magician asks for her hand by promising his help to become an adult quickly. He later comes back, but she has to work as an assistant in his magic show in exchange.

She then meets Lee Eul (Jang Geun-Seok), who claims himself the son of the big boss of Hwa Chun Group’s business corporation. The heir had been bullied by his classmates, and he refused to go to school until he transferred to Yoon Ah Yi’s school. And a legendary love story begins.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Trailer, Watch

The Sound of Magic Next season

We should see the second season of Sound of Magic on May 5, 2024, at the same time as the previous season. Some random characters might appear in the second season. There will be six episodes of The Return of Lee-Eul, which will be available on Netflix soon after release. The premiere episode begins on May 5, 2024, with Ji Chang Wook as Lee-Eul and Choi Sung Eun as Yoon A-Yi. As you know the further details of Season 1 will be available on Netflix on 5th May 2022. The total number of episodes is 6 and the names are –

  1. Do You Believe in Magic
  2. Don’t Let Me Dream any Longer
  3. Merry Go Round
  4. Becoming an Adult
  5. Curse of Asphalt
  6. The Last Performance

Now after the season on Air, all viewers will be eagerly waiting for season 2 and its release date. It confirms that season 2 is coming but the date & time are not confirmed yet. So please follow the details & link we have mentioned. Further latest news will be updated here from time to time. If you want more information please follow us on social media pages too.

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